Grass Grower - Lawn Top Dressing

Grass Grower - Lawn Top Dressing


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Soil Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate how much soil you will need for your garden or landscape.


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Grass Grower - Lawn Top Dressing

A fine weedless mix comprised of a 60% proprietary compost blend and 40% coarse sand. This has been a very successful mix for golf courses, playing fields and lawn repair alike. The compost aids rapid seed germination and the sand helps with soil amendment to allow for improved drainage.

Time of Year to over seed: SPRING (April, May), FALL (September, October)

CAUTION – whenever over seeding, newly sprouted seeds could die if they encounter a HEAVY FROST.

How much top dressing do I need? 1 cubic yard of top dressing will cover 750’ square feet at ½” inch.

Recommended Application Method