Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A They are included in the price, so yours to keep. However if you don’t have a use in mind, there are several options to consider.

  1. Take advantage of our waste removal service – eg. construction waste, concrete, stones, yard waste - but nothing hazardous such as -  asphalt shingles, rubber tires, toxic products, and paint/stains.  The price for us to pick up the filled bag is $140.00 per bag.  (A bag can hold up to 3000 lbs).  It must be tied off, handles left free for fork lift, and if in same place as soil was dropped, then we would have no difficulty getting to bag.
  2. Give it away or sell it – to someone who needs waste removal service (comparable bags can cost more than $25.00 at local building suppliers.
  3. Call or email us to get added to list for courtesy empty bag pickup twice a year (JUN and NOV).
  1. There is only one bag size – a cubic yard, 3’ x 3’ x 3’
  1. For flower beds, vegetable gardens – one cubic yard bag will cover 100 sq ft at 3”
  2. For lawns – one cubic yard will cover 750 sq ft. at ½”

This product is designed to help amend Clay-Based Lawns and is not recommended for sandy soils, Aurora Gold is the better choice in sandy situations.  It is highly recommended that aeration take place FIRST to maximize effectiveness.  Follow this by mowing grass short but not causing duress.  If ground is quite dry, water deeply first before proceeding.                                                                                                                 

When you are ready to overseed, (no heavy frost predicted in the next 2 weeks, or seed germination may be compromised), review the seed  manufacturer's instructions. Set aside the recommended ratio of seed to cover your required area.  Use the balance of the seed in step 1 and step 4.


  1. Spread grass seed by hand or with spreader over and above what your seed manufacturer recommends.
  2. In a wheel barrow, mix your grass seed with the GRASS GROWER Soil, using the seed manufacturer's recommendations.
  3. Shovel seed/soil mix onto lawn and rake smoothly  to a maximum 1/2" thickness.
  4. Spread another layer of seed on top of the seed/soil mix.
  5. Tamp down or roll.
  6. Keep moist for 8 - 10 days.

This method works well, remember – use lots of seed.

Simplest for all – visa or mastercard. Then you don’t have to be home all day. We are unable to give an ETA because of driver following a route with many deliveries on board. And delivery can also take place before you are up in the morning.

However if you are an early riser and are going to be home all day – by all means. You must have the exact change in an envelope for the driver. He cannot make change. COD


Organic - a recently fashionable and widely used and misused term. Unfortunately there are no public, commercial or government standards in place to define organic soil and it therefore becomes the buyer’s responsibility to do their due diligence.

Picamix – is involved in and oversees the complete production of the weedless soils we produce for the Cubic Yard Bags. No top soil is used in the 3 weedless soils, so ground contamination is not an issue. All 3 products are largely compost based, some with varying amounts of sand. We have from the beginning consistently worked to ensure a clean high quality product.

Only if you have a very heavy clay based soil. Then you could mix the Grass Grower in with the clay, thereby, adding some sand to the mix. As a result, you would have better drainage.

Aurora Gold – universal, can be used in all applications,  flower and vegetable gardens, lawn, planting of trees, etc.

Veggie Max (manure compost) – we recommend primarily for vegetable gardens because of the higher content of nutrients required for growing vegetables, eg tomatoes

No, we would ask you to indicate with an X on the driveway, Knowing the bag is 3’x 3’x 3’. Our Question to you – “I’m standing on the road looking up the driveway towards the garage/house – will that X be top left or top right near the garage, or bottom left or bottom right near the road?

Sometimes, the bag drop will be in a lane behind the house. What street do we access from? And we would require identifying factors in lane for driveway.

Sometimes, there is no garage, - it could still be top left or right, and if there is no garage or driveway, it may have to go on a cement pad, or walkway.

We do not like to place on grass, as sitting there will kill grass. We do not like to drive over lawn(s) as the weight of the fork lift will definitely put ruts in the grass.

We need 8-9 feet of width to move, therefore can’t go through narrow gates into the back. Also we cannot drop a bag over a fence, if fence is higher than 3 feet.

When ordering more than one bag to the same address, there will be a reduction of $15 on each bag AFTER THE FIRST in that same delivery.


 Our Delivery Area


Between April and November, we deliver weekly to Toronto, York Region, West Durham Region, Central and south Peel Region in Ontario, Canada.


Less frequent Delivery is available for areas including, Oakville, Georgetown, Orangeville, Bradford, Innisil, Seagrave, Port Perry, East / SE Oshawa.


We are no longer deliverying to Burlington, Barrie, Erin, Milton, Courtice

Please contact us at 1-888-742-2649 for special delivery arrangements to any other areas. 

We can exchange one product for another in the same price group - eg brown mulch for a red mulch.  There will be a charge of $40 a bag for restocking and delivery.

We can exchange one product for a different product group.  The charge for restocking and delivery is $40 a bag + or - the price difference for the new product being delivered.

If you order more bags than you can use -we can pick up the extra.  There will be a restocking/delivery charge for each bag of $40 and a refund for the balance of the priced product being returned

To avoid having these problems- use our calculator to determine your yardage needs, and if you have questions re colour, size, etc of the  products, feel free to call and discuss your concerns with us in advance of ordering.