The Picamix Overseeding / Topdressing "Sandwich Application" Method

The Picamix Overseeding / Topdressing "Sandwich Application" Method


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This product is designed to help amend Clay-Based Lawns and is not recommended for sandy soils, Aurora Gold is the better choice in sandy situations.  It is highly recommended that aeration take place FIRST to maximize effectiveness.  Follow this by mowing grass short but not causing duress.  If ground is quite dry, water deeply first before proceeding.                                                                                                                 

When you are ready to overseed, (no heavy frost predicted in the next 2 weeks, or seed germination may be compromised), review the seed  manufacturer's instructions. Set aside the recommended ratio of seed to cover your required area.  Use the balance of the seed in step 1 and step 4.


  1. Spread grass seed by hand or with spreader over and above what your seed manufacturer recommends.
  2. In a wheel barrow, mix your grass seed with the GRASS GROWER Soil, using the seed manufacturer's recommendations.
  3. Shovel seed/soil mix onto lawn and rake smoothly  to a maximum 1/2" thickness.
  4. Spread another layer of seed on top of the seed/soil mix.
  5. Tamp down or roll.
  6. Keep moist for 8 - 10 days.

This method works well, remember – use lots of seed.