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Aurora Gold PLUS

Aurora Gold PLUS

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Aurora Gold PLUS

Bag Volume = 1 Cubic Yard (27 cubic feet) - Delivery is INCLUDED and Multibag-Purchase-DISCOUNT Applies


Aurora Gold Plus - Moisture Retention and More!


New in 2024 -  Building on our most popular Soil Mixture, Aurora Gold, we've created a new mix containing Premium Coconut Coir, optimizing nutrition, soil structure and water retention all in one product.  This is the perfect choice for  New Raised Beds or a superior addition to existing beds.


Details of these New Benefits include the following:


  • Enhanced Water Retention - With an exceptional ability to hold moisture, more than 9 times it's weight, both traditional gardens and raised beds will benefit. Overall improved water retention also promotes a more efficient use of water, making  gardening endeavors more sustainable both on your time and your wallet.


  • Improved Soil Structure - The fibrous nature of coconut coir adds lightness and porosity enhancing aeration and drainage. This makes Aurora Gold PLUS ideal for below-grade gardening where proper soil structure is crucial for root health and preventing waterlogging. Slower to breakdown than traditional amendments such as peat moss, it will not require replacement as frequently.


  • Optimal PH Balance - Coconut coir has a neutral pH level (5.2 - 6.8), this makes it suitable for a wide range of plants, including those sensitive to pH fluctuations. Acid loving plants that benefit from low PH peat moss amendments can still enjoy the addition of that medium where required.


  • Sustainable Gardening - Renewable and eco-friendly, Coconut Coir outperforms peat moss when comparing the environmental impacts of both. Coconut coir is a by-product of  coconut processing, so a best-use, up-cycled scenerio of an important global industry. Conversely Peat Moss production requires the harvesting of natural peat bogs, unique ecosystems that take thousands of years to form and is considered a non-renewable resource on a human timescale. Further and among other environmental and ecological concerns, harvestingsignificantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, by depleting the world's most valuable carbon sink resources.