Compost contributions and fertilizer

Compost contributions and fertilizer


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Compost contributions and fertilizer

Having a garden with a well-balanced biodiversity is an essential component of a healthy soil. Crop rotation and cover crops both increase soil quality by increasing soils organic content, organic nitrogen, and by protecting against erosion. Having a healthy soil in your garden and yard is an investment. Simply by improving the soil can beautify a garden, conserve water, and improve the water quality of both surface water and ground water sources, along with reducing the labor needed to maintain a garden or yard. All this can be achieved by simple basic organic gardening practices like augmenting the soil in your garden and yard with compost or other organic matter. Compost produced from decaying plants and animal waste is a mix of living and dead organic matter that will support very intricate web of soil life that will improve your soils tilt, moisture retention, fertility and improve drainage naturally... Organic Gardening is a way of gardening in harmony with nature. Growing a healthy and productive crop in a way that is healthier for both you and the environment.


Compost Contributions


Compost does a great deal to improve soil quality. Ideally, you'll be keeping your own compost heap already, since it remains useful the entire year round. It simply needs decomposing organic matter, contribute some food scraps, plant remains, leaves and grass cuttings . Just remember to keep weeds out of it, for fear of introducing them back into the garden. Simply till some compost into the turned over soil, about six inches deep will do, and wait for it to slowly be absorbed in. Does this about six weeks before you begin planting and the soil quality should improve radically.




Don't have the time or space to create and manage your own compost heap? It might make more sense to simply invest in some store-bought fertilizer, easily available online. It consists of the manure of non-carnivorous animals, and will improve the quality of the soil substantially. Where compost can also be laid above the soil as a mulch, fertilizer is best tilled in to the soil, so be sure to do so. Improving your soil sets you on the right path towards a successful year of planting, so it's well worth taking the time to check its quality in advance. With correct application of compost and fertilizer you should have no trouble keeping your plants healthy and growing