Aurora Gold - Flower Garden Soil

Aurora Gold - Flower Garden Soil


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Soil Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate how much soil you will need for your garden or landscape.


Feet   Inches   Meters  


Feet   Inches   Meters  


Feet   Inches   Meters  

= cubic yards bags delivered
Aurora Gold - Flower Garden Soil

A weedless jet black soil mix comprised of sand and a proprietary compost blend. This garden soil provides excellent Ph levels for all growth, while offering the benefit of low maintenance. A must use to BUILD NEW GARDENS and to TOP UP EXISTING GARDENS.

Any soil left over (if just going with 1 cubic yard bag) can be successfully used to top dress your lawn at 1/2” inch, or to place around shrubs and trees

COVERAGE – 1 cubic yard bag will cover 100’ square feet at 3” inches.

SANDY BASED LAWN – use Aurora Gold to top dress/over seed. Coverage 1 cubic yard bag will cover 750’ square feet at ½” inch.